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I am back...

  • Apr. 4th, 2013 at 11:44 PM
Alex and Reggie
I know I haven't in quite a while. I just really haven't much to post about here so I didn't feel the need to post I suppose. On a good note since I last posted I have been working and getting more hours hours in the past year. I have reconnected with family on dad's side of the family is a good feeling.

On a not so good side,as to why this post is coming about is I have had some neighbors the past year that just seem as if they are the biggest idiots. The girl,if she don't like something will yell
just to get something the way she wants. Last summer the neighbors downstairs dominated the porch as if it belonged to them so if we were to want to sit on the porch we had to sit on the steps. She'd yell from inside the house if I had someone drop me off and pull into the driveway not even a minute. The winter didn't get any better the heat (in which the downstairs controls) turns up the heat way to high where I can't even touch the heater even after telling them multiple times that its to hot,only to be told that the heat is set at 70*. Yes I know that heat rises but the temperature upstairs should not be between on average 76-78 and I wake up in the middle of the night,hot and sometimes sweating having to kick off the comforter and we have to use a fan and open the window in the middle of winter. They say they are cold and takes forever to heat up to 68 degrees I just want to say,it wouldn't take forever if you'd leave it at 68-70 and close the front door if you want the sunlight to come in open the blinds.

Today was just ridiculous I come home at 2:30 from work and its a lot warmer inside than it is outside and the thermometer is reading 79 degrees and the heater is untouchable and in the evening when the sun is down the heat is off at least for 6 hours


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