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Is it a dream?...

  • Nov. 26th, 2007 at 1:19 AM
Alex Smith
I have just one question. Where was the 49ers team all year that showed up against the Arizona Cardinals to win in overtime by the scored 37-31. This is the most they scored all season. The offense seem to have gone out and did what they need to do and scored touchdowns and not just field goals..and RUN THE BALL..The 49ers were supposed to be one of the teams that could win the NFC West and make it to the playoffs,with all the improvements that we had made. Trent Dilfer actually had gone out and threw for two TDs and Frank Gore had two touchdowns as well.

Also with the upsets with college games this season with Kansas losing to Missouri and LSU losing to Arkansas Ohio State moved up to third and if Missouri or West Virginia loses we could have the chance at national championship title game but I am not getting my hopes up at all or I'll just find myself getting upset if this doesn't happen.So for now I'll stick with the Rose Bowl berth at least its a BCS bowl bid. which by the way there still needs to be a playoff system in college football and if the Big 10 would just get another team to make it a even 12 teams in Big 10. *cough Notre Dame cough*

and for my last bit of rant I really hope that I get off early Monday since I stayed till 8pm on Friday with the CER inspection lady showed up I was there only to cook while she was there. And Saturday I was called into work about 11ish in the morning since the opening manager for the day (Joe) hadn't come in yet but after I gotten there he called and said he slept in and will be on his way in.

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