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Rememberin 9-11

  • Sep. 11th, 2003 at 1:18 AM
Alex and Reggie
I have been thinking lately of the events of the 9-11. I will always remember what I was doing, on the morning that it all happened. I had been at work for just less then hour when the first plan hit the first tower,at first didn't think much of it,then I had heard a second plane had hit the second tower and knew something was up. I listened to the radio,for any details they could tell, then about the time when the second tower was about to fall,I turned on the tv that we had at work. I spent the day at work,watching the tv,more then actual work. It was one of the few times that I was slow during the day,and didn't get much of my prep done. All I could think about was what was going on and how I didn't want to be there. Other businesses were being closed around us,except for us..we were one of the few stores that were left opened. After work,Traci(sister) came and picked me up,we went to eat,then I went home and watched more of the coverage.

Now its been two years since it had happened,and I haven't seen anything much on tv,I looked onto the tv guide on cable,and saw CNN has a memorial service..I heard on the radio on one of the morning shows,that they'll be doing something.

When I am home after work tomorrow ,I will be lighting candles,in rememberance of those lost on 9-11.

(found this next part in a friends journal and thought I'd post it)
On the evening of September 11th, rain or shine, light up the front of your home, your yard, your street, your walkway, your porch, your front steps.

Take time and remember the events of 9-11, how deeply you were moved, scared, touched. Pray that our nation continues the fight on terrorism so that events such as this do not happen again on our soil.

Pass this along and hopefully by 9-11 it will have reached many throughout the USA and perhaps even the world. What a statement to our nation, our neighbors and especially to those lost on that tragic day.

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